The 75ft rappel of Big Bradley Falls on the Big Bradley Adventure Canyoneering program




Negotiating a narrow section during a canyoneering trip.

Canyon Guide

Joe Moerschbaecher, American Canyoneering Association certified guide, is the head canyon guide for all canyoneering programs

One of the 4-6 waterfall rappels on Pura Vida Adventures Full Abner Canyoneering Trip



Pura Vida Adevntures is the pioneering commercial company of the sports of Cascading and Canyoneering in the Eastern United States. Pura Vida Adventures has been rcognized by Blue Ridge Outdoors, National Geographic Adventure, and Competitor Magazine for our waterfall rappelling, cascading, and canyoneering trips.

We have also hosted an american canyoneering association fast track program during the winter of 2010.

Waterfall Rappelling and Cascading

Waterfall rappelling, also known as cascading takes the activity of rappelling and applies the technique to a wet environment specifically a waterfall. When rappelling waterfalls participants may rappel through a waterfall or along side a waterfall.

Normally the place where the rappel happens is determined by various factors including access, anchors, rock structure, and waterfall volume flowing over the falls.



Canyoneering is a multidisciplined sport which includes many activities to assist participants in descending down a waterway. Canyoneers use rappelling, bouldering, swimming, rock hopping and various other techniques to navigate the waterways. In wet canyons waterfall rappelling or cascading is part of the trip while dry canyons simply use rappelling.

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